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Every time you use the internet you are using an IP address. Like how physical addresses are used by the postal office to send you physical mail, IP addresses are used by internet service providers to send you digital information. Unlike a physical address, however, IP addresses change all the time. This makes it difficult to reliably determine who has been assigned an IP at any given time. The goal of a reverse IP lookup is to estimate who is or was the most likely owner for an IP address during a timeframe. Unlike the majority of reverse IP lookups available that simply give generic information about an IP such as its location, goes one step further and links the IP back to an individual public record.

reverse IP lookup navigates billions of IP address snapshots updated daily and backlinks them to our public record database. This allows you to find out who is currently using an IP address should you need to contact them or keep a statistical record on which regions are using your service the most.

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What is my IP address?

Your IP address is Your IP address is available to all websites you visit but there are several ways to hide it.

Getting suspicious emails?

Email phishing grows increasingly prevalent towards unsuspecting users. A scammer can send an email that looks identical to a legitimate email. While the "from" address is spoof-able, most email service providers will automatically flag emails that have not been properly signed. Sometimes, a reverse email lookup is sufficient to verify a sender. However, you can also sometimes find the IP address of the sender and run a reverse IP lookup.

Wondering who is visiting your website?

Most web servers log visitor IP addresses in their access logs. If you want to find out more about a user, a reverse IP lookup can map the IP address back to the person who issued the request.

Confused about what in the world an IP address is?

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