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Every car produced since 1981 has a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). VINs are like a car's unique fingerprint or ID; they encode information about the car but can also be used to uniquely identify the car in databases. Suppose you see the same car in your reserved parking spot everyday, or there's a car in your neighborhood that hasn't moved in two months. You want to contact the car's owner but where in the world do you even start? Searching for a license plate is usually a dead-end but a car's VIN can be extremely reliable. That's where comes in.

reverse VIN lookup reveals the name and contact information for a car owner so if a note on their windshield doesn't work you can take the next step: a strongly worded email, text or voicemail.

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Where on a car do I find the VIN?

A VIN can usually be found on the bottom of the front windshield or in the door jam. Learn More.

Someone keeps taking your parking spot?

Find out who and how to contact them by recording the car's VIN and running a reverse VIN lookup.

Wondering who owns a car that hasn't moved in months?

If it looks abandoned or you are concerned, you can always try to contact the owner via the VIN or report it to the local authorities to get it removed.

Found an old abandoned car?

Wondering if the owner would mind if you picked up their old abandoned ride or salvaged it for parts? Contact the owner using the car's VIN.

Wondering who owns a cool car you found in a parking lot?

Maybe you saw an old exotic in your local mall's parking lot. Find out who owns it by finding the VIN and running a reverse VIN lookup.

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