Use Cases provides a completely free people search and reverse phone lookup service. Here are some ways our users have used Thatsthem to help them:

  • Reconnecting with out-of-touch family members
  • Finding long lost friends
  • Simply finding out who’s calling or emailing you
  • Parents ensuring kids safety
  • Adopted kids seeking their biological parents
  • Caller ID of harassing calls
  • Checking out a prospective date
  • Checking out a prospective coach of your kids
  • Checking out a prospective social network connection
  • Singles curious about the people they meet
  • Alumni groups arranging reunions
  • Anyone who needs address histories
  • Online shoppers verifying online sellers
  • Businesses that need to update records on customers
  • Networkers seeking business opportunities
  • Genealogists cultivating their family trees
  • Research

However, because ThatsThem is not an authoritative source, some examples of what NOT to use ThatsThem for include:

  • Law enforcement
  • Checking out a prospective tenant
  • Finding people that have the same illness as you
  • Researching a prospective employee
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